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How Can Crestron Boost Your Business Efficiency?

Fusion Home Systems Designs a Smart Solution That Gives You Full Control

How Can Crestron Boost Your Business Efficiency?

Getting the most out of your space, equipment and personnel can be a daunting task as a manager or owner. Why not simplify things by changing the way you communicate with the technology in your Las Vegas, Nevada business? Our Crestron programming experts can design a smart automation system that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Become more efficient with full control of AV equipment, lights, shades, security and temperature all from one central hub. With all your subsystems under one roof, it is also easier to monitor and manage your resources. Read on to see how Fusion can change the way you do business: 

Enhance Your Corporate Space

There are few areas where communication is more pivotal than in a corporate setting.  Which is why Crestron has created a specific software primed to get the most out of your office. Its .AV Framework™ management platform gives you control of all your subsystems and helps you monitor each room to determine the most effective use of your resources.  

Imagine you’re setting up your company’s quarterly report. Open your management platform to see which room is available, check all the equipment is working and pull up your PowerPoint. Once it’s time for the presentation, with the touch of a button on your smartphone, tablet or touchpad, you can dim the lights, close the shades and turn on your HD display to begin.  

Offer the Ultimate Hospitality Experience

Crafting the perfect atmosphere in your hotel involves getting multiple systems to work together—and independently—at the same time.  With a Crestron solution, guests get individual control of their lights, entertainment and temperature while you maintain full control of security and energy management over the entire building.

Make your business stand out with a Crestron 3-Series commercial platform that integrates all your components into one intuitive system. You can even run up to ten programs independently at the same time so you remain versatile as you manage your space. Through the Crestron Subnet port, everything is placed on the same IP address to maintain the reliability, speed and security of all components. 

Fusion Home Systems Optimizes Your Technology

How can you get the most out of all the Crestron features? It begins with a thorough wiring installation to establish reliable communication between your components. It also create a scalable solution wherein it is easy for you to incorporate new technology without needing another extensive installation.

Then comes the most important part: programming. We get all your components speaking the same language on an easy-to-use interface to give you quick, comprehensive control. By dividing your code into individual modules, your system becomes more adaptable and easier to manage. When one area is being serviced or upgraded, the rest isn’t affected. It’s also easier to incorporate new components as they simply become another module in the system.

Leave the heavy workload to us while you reap the benefits in your Las Vegas business. Contact us today to bring a Crestron control solution into your space.