Do You Need a Professional for Your Home Audio-video Installation?


How Much Do You Enjoy Pulling Wire Through Walls?

Some people are diehard do-it-yourselfers. There's nothing they can't do with a few things from Amazon or a trip to Home Depot. Install a whole-home audio system? No problem. Start those holes in the drywall now. 

You may not be a DIYer of this magnitude, but you may do some things yourself. You may not need a professional to mount your new 65-inch OLED TV. You might not need help figuring out the programming for an intelligent remote control. 

On the other hand, some audio-visual installation projects can get complicated. And while you could do them given enough time, patience, and newly acquired YouTube skills, you have better things to do. Some AV projects are better left to professionals, and you'll enjoy the finished product in your Las Vegas, NV home without the headaches and sweating. Here are three projects which we think are better left to people that do them every day. 

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Get the Most from Your New Holiday Audio-Video Gear with Professional Installation


Spend More Time Enjoying and Less Time Fussing with Seamless Integration

The holidays are right around the corner, and with them comes an onslaught of electronics. This is a prime period to gift the latest gadgets and audio-video equipment, whether it's for someone close to you or just yourself.

The kids may get their new tablets, smartphones, earbuds, and other gear, but the adults may go for something a little more…adult. We're talking about a new OLED TV, short-throw projector, AV receiver, or two-channel audio rig with separate components. While few people will need help setting up the smaller smart devices, today's AV gear is more connected than ever – and with that comes a few more layers of complexity during the installation.

Want to spend more time enjoying all that new gear in your Henderson, NV, home rather than figuring out how to make it all work together? We humbly suggest professional audio-video installation, calibration, and setup from Fusion Home Systems. Keep reading below to see how we can help.

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