Boost Collaboration With a State-of-the-Art Meeting Room Installation


Heighten Team Productivity with Modern AV, Lighting, and Control

How many times have you attended a meeting and experienced one or more of these situations?

  • A presenter is fumbling to figure out how to get the presentation projected on the conference room display.
  • The lights are too bright for a presentation or dim enough to put everyone to sleep.
  • The Nevada desert sun is streaming in through a window, with no easy way to moderate it.
  • You are holding a conference call with another group and are constantly asking them to repeat what they said.
  • The conference room air conditioning is too cold, or it’s too hot. The thermostat is nowhere in sight.

Meetings are a significant investment in time. Conference room technology that wastes time costs your organization real money and lost productivity. Modernize your Las Vegas meeting room installations by investing in the latest technology for collaboration, communication, and increased comfort and energy efficiency. See how below!

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