Tap Into the Latest Home Theater System Trends for 2022


Make Your Home Theater a Complete Entertainment Venue

There’s no denying that a home theater is a great investment in family entertainment. There’s nothing like enjoying a film in an immersive environment with a giant, vibrant screen and sound that you hear and feel. But home theaters don’t have to be a replica of commercial movie houses. 

Home theater design has evolved to encompass a variety of entertainment purposes. In the last several years, one trend on the rise has been gaming on home theater systems. The new consoles from Microsoft and Sony take full advantage of the latest formats in video and sound for an experience that often surpasses the best movies. With the incredible variety of content available to watch and hear, the home theater can be the nexus of entertainment in your Las Vegas, NV home. Read on below to learn about the latest home theater trends to turn any space into your audio-video entertainment hub.

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Want to Get More Out of Your Home Theater System?


Video Games Take Full Advantage of the Latest Audio and Video Enhancements

The home theater system in your Las Vegas, NV home is probably a significant investment. The big screen, multi-channel audio, lighting control, seating, and other custom features all add up. More than likely, your home theater gets used for more than movies; it’s a place for epic Netflix binges, watching the Raiders on the big screen, and other favorite entertainment.

Do you wonder if you’re getting the most out of your home theater investment? For example, if you have a 4K HDR projector and a Dolby Atmos surround system with a full complement of speakers, you want to take advantage of these features. Yet, much of the content you might watch may not leverage these enhancements, as some movie and show soundtracks don't do enough with surround sound, and too often video isn't streamed in high-contrast HDR or Dolby Vision. 

But we have a suggestion to remedy that, and it might surprise you – video games. You don't have to be a gamer to appreciate the storylines, incredibly lifelike graphics, and great use of surround sound in today's titles. So keep reading for some suggestions to maximize everything your home theater system can do. 

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3 Reasons to Update or Upgrade Your Home Theater System


Enjoying a Cinematic Experience at Home Has Never Been Easier

The pandemic has impacted so many aspects of our lives and certainly profoundly affected tourism and conferences right here in Las Vegas. But, while we're on the road back to normalcy, some of the impacts have endured. One of them is in cinema and film.

During the pandemic, many theaters closed temporarily, resulting in a dearth of new releases. Even now, when theaters have reopened with or without limitations, there haven't been many great reasons to go to the movies.

What does that mean? It's a better time than ever to invest in a home theater system for your Henderson, NV home. The newer immersive video and audio formats, plus the vast array of available content, make it easier than ever to bring the cinema experience home. Keep reading for three reasons why now is the perfect time for a home theater upgrade.

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A Quick Guide to Sound for Your Home Theater System


Three Big Things that Impact Home Theater Audio Performance

What’s more important, image quality or sound quality? When you’re talking about a home theater, it should be both. When you go to a movie theater, you have a set of expectations; both the visuals and the sound should immerse you in the story. When bringing the cinema experience home, it should be the same – a giant screen with sound that leaves you wanting is an unsatisfying mismatch.

Many factors can affect the audio quality in a home theater, from the room layout, materials, seating, electronics, speakers, and more. We’re going to break those down into three broad areas so you can be better informed as you think about a new or upgraded home theater system for your Henderson, NV home.

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A Home Theater System is the Ultimate Entertaining Option


Are you looking for an exciting entertainment option for your home? What if you could have the ultimate movie experience in the comfort of your own home? The expert integrators at Fusion Systems have designed and installed many custom home theater systems throughout Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’re considering a home theater, here are a few things to consider.

Theater Location within Your Home

First, you’ll want to identify where the theater will be located. The size of the room will directly affect the audio and video components you’ll need. Additional factors to consider include:

  • Amount of ambient light within the room
  • The type of wall construction
  • Whether the room is carpeted or not
  • New construction or a remodel project

Which Integrator You Work With

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What’s The Best Location for Your Home Theater System?


When you envision a home theater, what do you think of? Many people imagine a dedicated theater designed for an unused room or basement. But with the right installation, you can have home theater systems throughout your home ranging from a dedicated room to an entertainment space in your backyard. Depending on the limitations and needs of your family, Fusion Home Systems can design a custom solution for your Henderson, Nevada home.

SEE MORE: 5 Simple Steps to Installing the Perfect Home Theater

Escape with a Custom Home Theater Design

Even with the latest advancements in technology, the best way to create a true cinema experience is to install a custom theater in a dedicated room. This will allow integrators to control every detail – from seating to wall acoustics – to give you the best images and sound imaginable. It also gives you the liberty to design the room to resemble a multiplex or even have a specific theme dedicated to your favorite movie or sports team.

If you want the true theater feel, we recommend you go with a projector and screen combination in order to get a large display at a cheaper price compared to the equivalent flat screen LED or LCD options. For audio, embrace the latest in cinema technology. Install an immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound system from JBL Synthesis to experience your favorite movies in unprecedented detail.

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Do You Want a Smaller, Sleeker, Home Theater System?


Discover Three Ways to Reimagine a Home Theater

Home theaters tend to evoke visions of large rooms with movie-themed décor, reclining lounge seating, giant screens, and huge sound systems. They certainly can be all that. But they can also be a space with excellent visuals and audio to enjoy your favorite entertainment – be it movies, shows, Raiders games, music videos, or gaming.

Once, home theaters only had projectors and extensive sound systems with large amplifiers, processors, and lots of other equipment. Today, a streaming device like an Apple TV – or for that matter, a smart TV – can be the digital source to a world of audio and video entertainment. Add to that many more options for large screens and great sound, and you have the making for putting a home theater experience in almost any space.

Keep reading to look at three ways you can build a streamlined, elegant home theater system in your Las Vegas, NV home.

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