Security Cameras Are a Must for Your Home Automation System


Keeping Tabs on Visitors and Keeping Your Home Safe

If you have integrated smart home automation into your lifestyle then one of the most practical applications of such technology is the use of security cameras.

The benefits of having a security system in place are obvious, but as the revolution of smart home technology advances, you can now be easily alerted through your smartphone or tablet if anyone approaches your home.

Our clients in Henderson, NV, rely on their smart home cameras to give them a sense of ease and security knowing that their loved ones, as well as their property, are being fully protected.

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Fusion Home Systems Can Simplify Your Home Security


With more than 20 years of experience in the electronics security industry, Fusion Home Systems combines expertise and high-end technology to custom-design a home security system to meet the specific needs of your Henderson, Nevada home.

A security system is meant to remove anxiety, not create more of it. With the technology behind security services advancing at a breakneck speed, it’s important to have an integrator with a proven history that can adapt to changing demands and innovations. Whether you want to install a whole new system or integrate a home surveillance system into your home’s network, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about how a completely integrated system can elevate your peace of mind. 

Control with one simple command

With security linked to your home automation system, there is no need to go through a checklist every time you decide to leave the house. Are all the windows and doors locked? Was the alarm properly set? With fully integrated home security, you can make the process part of a custom scene. Simply press the “Away” option as you head out the door to turn off the lights, lock all doors and arm your security system. 

Access to the latest technological innovations

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How Can Fusion Home Systems Bring Automation into Your Henderson Space?


With recent advances in technology, the fantasy of a smart home has become a reality. Smart home automation gives you intuitive control of your lights, climate, security and entertainment at the touch of a button. A smart home anticipates your needs, whether it’s turning on the lights to help you wake up in the morning or making sure all your doors are locked at the end of the day. 

While the technology has become increasingly common, it takes a seasoned professional to bring a system into your home that functions the way you want it to. Fusion undertakes a thorough eight-step design and build process to create a solution fine-tuned to meet your distinct needs.

1.       Consultation

A discovery meeting helps us create a thoughtful discussion about your needs. We offer advice on the best products and solutions available. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, the more we know about you the better we can create a system for your distinct needs.  

2.       Design & Engineering

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