Fusion Home Systems Can Simplify Your Home Security


With more than 20 years of experience in the electronics security industry, Fusion Home Systems combines expertise and high-end technology to custom-design a home security system to meet the specific needs of your Henderson, Nevada home.

A security system is meant to remove anxiety, not create more of it. With the technology behind security services advancing at a breakneck speed, it’s important to have an integrator with a proven history that can adapt to changing demands and innovations. Whether you want to install a whole new system or integrate a home surveillance system into your home’s network, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about how a completely integrated system can elevate your peace of mind. 

Control with one simple command

With security linked to your home automation system, there is no need to go through a checklist every time you decide to leave the house. Are all the windows and doors locked? Was the alarm properly set? With fully integrated home security, you can make the process part of a custom scene. Simply press the “Away” option as you head out the door to turn off the lights, lock all doors and arm your security system. 

Access to the latest technological innovations

Fusion Home Systems partners with the best security companies in the business to keep your possessions and loved ones safe not only from external threats but also hazards within your own home. For example, Honeywell’s 5870AP wireless sensor can be attached to a specific item and set off an alarm when tampered with. This can be useful for gun owners who want to ensure their weapons are stored safely away from the reach of children or intruders.

Focused expertise for any need

We know keeping your family safe is a full-time job. While some integrators use home security as a gateway to greater home automation, Fusion Home Systems’ integrators have dedicated much of their careers specifically to security and surveillance. We know keeping your home secure entails more than standard surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Incorporating the latest technology, a professionally-designed system can hone into every aspect of your home automation and keep you secure.

From sophisticated home surveillance to fully integrated home security, Fusion Home Systems can help keep your Henderson, Nevada home safe all times. Contact us to learn more about our services and past projects.

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