How Motorized Window Shades Can Improve Your Home Experience


Learn the Many Advantages of Incorporating Motorized Shades

Today, more and more homeowners are incorporating home automation for audio/video, lights, security, climate and more into their homes. Additionally, motorized window shades can play a significant role in adding convenience and comfort to your living space.

Not only can motorized shading solutions save you money and energy by regulating the temperature of your home, but they can also enhance the decor of your home, especially for large, difficult to reach, customized ceiling windows.

Our team in Henderson, NV, will be able to install a set of modern window treatments that can match your home’s personalized interior design and be integrated with the rest of your automated systems.

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Automated Window Treatments Simply Make Life Easier

Unlike manual shades, motorized window shades can be set and controlled through your smartphone, or if you prefer, from a control panel on your wall, a touchscreen tablet or a handheld remote.

Through smart home interfaces such as these, you can set your window shades to automatically raise and lower at certain times in the morning and evening to match the rising and setting of the sun. Or if it happens to be cloudy outside, you can adjust the shades yourself through your smartphone.

And if you happen to have large window treatments in your home, using manual blinds can be difficult, hard to reach, and the chords are often tangled. No more reaching for the step ladder, just push a button on your app or speak to your smart speaker and you can set your shades precisely where you want them.

You can also program the shades in different rooms to react to specific voice commands. Perhaps you like to come into your breakfast room in the morning to have a cup of coffee. You could simply say “morning coffee” and your shades rise to your preferred level, allowing a low stream of warm sunlight to filter over your floor.

And if you want to take in an early evening movie in your living room while avoiding the glare of a setting sun, just say “movie time” and your shades will lower completely, allowing for an authentic movie watching experience.

Motorized Shades Can Match the Style of Your Home

Automated window treatments come in a variety of materials and colors that can complement your home’s interior design. And since every room in your home is unique, you can select the appropriate style for each.

We recommend motorized Roman shades if your house is designed with clean lines and simplistic elegance. For entertainment rooms and bedrooms, you might want to go with sleek blackout shades that can help you get the rest and relaxation you need.

Let Us Help You Integrate Motorized Shades Into Your Home

To find out the kind of convenience and class motorized shades can add to your home, connect with one of our installation experts here. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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