How Motorized Window Shades Can Improve Your Home Experience


Learn the Many Advantages of Incorporating Motorized Shades

Today, more and more homeowners are incorporating home automation for audio/video, lights, security, climate and more into their homes. Additionally, motorized window shades can play a significant role in adding convenience and comfort to your living space.

Not only can motorized shading solutions save you money and energy by regulating the temperature of your home, but they can also enhance the decor of your home, especially for large, difficult to reach, customized ceiling windows.

Our team in Henderson, NV, will be able to install a set of modern window treatments that can match your home’s personalized interior design and be integrated with the rest of your automated systems.

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How Control4 Lets You Manage Your Home Your Way


From Buttons to Voice Commands, Control4 Gives You the Power of Choice

We are all unique and like to do things our way. Some of us write shopping lists on paper; others go digital on their smartphone. Some like a regular alarm clock with a big snooze button for waking up and some set an alarm with their Amazon Echo speaker.

We all interact with technology in different ways, and some of us are quite passionate about our preferences. When it comes to home automation, it tends to be the same. Some of us like buttons and switches, some of us prefer touchscreens. Can we all have it our way? With Control4 smart home automation, the answer is an emphatic yes. One of the reasons Fusion Home Systems is a  Control4 dealer is to give our Las Vegas, NV, customers the power to have a smart home their way. 

Read on to see how Control4 puts you in control.

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Is Your Home Network Crying for Help?


The 3 Signs that Your Network Might Need an Upgrade

Our world is highly connected, and the internet is woven into almost every facet of modern life. With the challenges of the current pandemic, connectivity has become even more essential with work, school, and entertainment highly dependent on reliable, fast networking.

When you stress a system, you're more likely to expose its weaknesses. A road than can handle 10,000 cars a day might buckle quickly under the load of 50,000 vehicles a day. Your home networking system may react in much the same way. Here are three ways your network in your Las Vegas, NV, smart home might be crying uncle – and what you can do about it.


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3 Critical Components of a Modern Home Automation System


If You’re Trying to Automate Your Home, Here’s What You Need

Smart homes require multiple components to create a truly automated home. It can be difficult to figure out precisely what you need to automate your home, which is why working with experts is always a great idea. But you should also educate yourself on your options so that you and the company you choose can find the home automation solution that’s just right for you and your family.

Here are a few components you need to consider.

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