Boost Collaboration With a State-of-the-Art Meeting Room Installation


Heighten Team Productivity with Modern AV, Lighting, and Control

How many times have you attended a meeting and experienced one or more of these situations?

  • A presenter is fumbling to figure out how to get the presentation projected on the conference room display.
  • The lights are too bright for a presentation or dim enough to put everyone to sleep.
  • The Nevada desert sun is streaming in through a window, with no easy way to moderate it.
  • You are holding a conference call with another group and are constantly asking them to repeat what they said.
  • The conference room air conditioning is too cold, or it’s too hot. The thermostat is nowhere in sight.

Meetings are a significant investment in time. Conference room technology that wastes time costs your organization real money and lost productivity. Modernize your Las Vegas meeting room installations by investing in the latest technology for collaboration, communication, and increased comfort and energy efficiency. See how below!

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Get the Most from Your New Holiday Audio-Video Gear with Professional Installation


Spend More Time Enjoying and Less Time Fussing with Seamless Integration

The holidays are right around the corner, and with them comes an onslaught of electronics. This is a prime period to gift the latest gadgets and audio-video equipment, whether it's for someone close to you or just yourself.

The kids may get their new tablets, smartphones, earbuds, and other gear, but the adults may go for something a little more…adult. We're talking about a new OLED TV, short-throw projector, AV receiver, or two-channel audio rig with separate components. While few people will need help setting up the smaller smart devices, today's AV gear is more connected than ever – and with that comes a few more layers of complexity during the installation.

Want to spend more time enjoying all that new gear in your Henderson, NV, home rather than figuring out how to make it all work together? We humbly suggest professional audio-video installation, calibration, and setup from Fusion Home Systems. Keep reading below to see how we can help.

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Do You Want a Smaller, Sleeker, Home Theater System?


Discover Three Ways to Reimagine a Home Theater

Home theaters tend to evoke visions of large rooms with movie-themed décor, reclining lounge seating, giant screens, and huge sound systems. They certainly can be all that. But they can also be a space with excellent visuals and audio to enjoy your favorite entertainment – be it movies, shows, Raiders games, music videos, or gaming.

Once, home theaters only had projectors and extensive sound systems with large amplifiers, processors, and lots of other equipment. Today, a streaming device like an Apple TV – or for that matter, a smart TV – can be the digital source to a world of audio and video entertainment. Add to that many more options for large screens and great sound, and you have the making for putting a home theater experience in almost any space.

Keep reading to look at three ways you can build a streamlined, elegant home theater system in your Las Vegas, NV home.

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4 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Entertainment System this Fall


Spice Up Your Outdoor Time with Audio and Video Entertainment

Las Vegas desert summers may be challenging but fall and spring are glorious. And even winter has sunny, comfortable days and clear, starry nights that can be thoroughly enjoyed by an outdoor fireplace.

If you haven’t yet invested in an outdoor entertainment setup for your Henderson home, you might need a little push. As you likely know, there’s nothing like an upcoming event or project to propel you into action on something you may have put off for too long. In that spirit, we’re going to give you four great reasons to install that outdoor AV system you’ve always wanted.

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