Amp Up the Outdoor Entertainment with Dynamic Audio


Outdoor Music Makes Everything More Fun Outside

Las Vegas seemingly has two seasons, cold and hot. We’re only kidding; outside of the hot desert summers, the weather is relatively mild and pleasant the rest of the year. And that means you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle at home most times of the year. And the summer? It's perfect for pool time; just add sunscreen. 

With all that time outdoors, you might want to add a piece of outdoor entertainment that makes any time of the year, day or night, more fun – outdoor sound. And we have just the solution for that, whether your musical taste runs to classical or hip-hop.

One of our favorite outdoor audio brands is Coastal Source, as their range of speakers features robust build quality and powerful performance. Read on below to learn more on amping up your outdoor spaces with Coastal Source. 

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Do You Need a Professional for Your Home Audio-video Installation?


How Much Do You Enjoy Pulling Wire Through Walls?

Some people are diehard do-it-yourselfers. There's nothing they can't do with a few things from Amazon or a trip to Home Depot. Install a whole-home audio system? No problem. Start those holes in the drywall now. 

You may not be a DIYer of this magnitude, but you may do some things yourself. You may not need a professional to mount your new 65-inch OLED TV. You might not need help figuring out the programming for an intelligent remote control. 

On the other hand, some audio-visual installation projects can get complicated. And while you could do them given enough time, patience, and newly acquired YouTube skills, you have better things to do. Some AV projects are better left to professionals, and you'll enjoy the finished product in your Las Vegas, NV home without the headaches and sweating. Here are three projects which we think are better left to people that do them every day. 

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4 Critical Considerations for Your Dream Home Theater Installation


Bring the Theater Home By Getting the Important Things Right

With so many of us having spent most of our time at home this past year, home entertainment systems have taken on a special focus. All those movies, Netflix binges, and other video entertainment make you think about how to get the best entertainment experience at home. Add the fact that many theaters have been forced to close or operate at reduced capacities, and first-run theater blockbusters are coming to the home almost simultaneously, and it makes complete sense to bring the cinema experience home.

But a great home theater installation for your Henderson, NV home is more than a big screen and a sound system. A myriad of details go into planning, designing, and installing a home theater. We’re going to cover four broad areas below which you should consider for your next home theater. Please keep reading!

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The Top 4 Reasons You Want a Lutron Lighting Control System


Lutron Lighting is Much More than Fancier Switches

Lighting control is one of the most sought-after smart home capabilities by Las Vegas homeowners. We would venture to say two main reasons are the drivers. One is that lighting control conjures the image of saving energy, and that would certainly be correct. The other might be control convenience, or new ways to control lights.

Remember the commercials for the Clapper, the lighting control switch activated by clapping? Now forget the Clapper, as lighting control is far more sophisticated than that, especially when it comes to Lutron lighting control, the industry pioneer in managing and controlling light. As your local Las Vegas, NV Lutron dealer, we’d like to give you a few other reasons why Lutron lighting control is a great investment for your home.

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