Motorized Shades: Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A living and kitchen area shielded from direct sunlight by fully lowered motorized shades that filter the light.

Have questions or trepidation about motorized shades? Start here

When we talk to clients about motorized shades, we tend to get lots of questions. They tend to be about styles, fabric choices, wired vs. battery power, control, and other matters. We think that anyone considering new window treatments should at least consider motorization for a variety of practical and purely luxurious reasons – they are amazingly convenient, increase comfort, and can even save money on energy bills, especially in the sunny and hot Nevada climate. 

If you are wondering whether motorized shades are right for your Las Vegas home, peruse our FAQ below. And if we don’t have all the answers here, we’d love to hear from you!

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Four Things You’ll Want to Know about Home Security Cameras

Modern, black IC Realtime camera mounted on the side of a building with parked cars in the background.

They Might All Seem Similar, But They’re Not

Home security cameras are all but ubiquitous these days. Popular devices from technology companies like Nest, Ring, Arlo, and more abound, allowing homeowners many ways to keep an eye on their homes while away. And there are professionally installed solutions, usually bringing cameras and systems used in commercial applications to residences.

If you are considering surveillance cameras for your Henderson, NV, home for security and practical reasons (such as keeping an eye on kids or pets), you have many options to choose from. How can you tell what's right for you? Read on for four important things regarding security cameras and surveillance solutions.

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Save Money, Energy, and the Environment with Motorized Shades


Going Green Has Never Been This Luxurious

Are motorized shades convenient? Absolutely. Barely lifting a finger to control powered shades and window treatments beats walking around and painstakingly adjusting them all manually more than once a day. Are they a luxury? Surely, when it’s this easy and convenient. Are they stylish? They are just as stylish as manual shades, even more so when you do away with cords and pulls.

Now that we know motorized shades are convenient, stylish, and luxurious, here’s the part that will not make you feel guilty about this wonderful luxury - they save energy! In Henderson – like just about everywhere in Nevada – the sun shines brightly most of the year, often fiercely. Let's explore how motorized shades help you live "greener" below.

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4 Myths About Motorized Shades


There are a lot of misconceptions about motorized shades. Let’s debunk them.

Having motorized shades used to feel like living on a sci-fi movie set. Now, they are an essential part of any smart home and play a big role in tailoring the perfect comfort experience in your Las Vegas, NV home.

But we also understand that the automatized nature of motorized shades can cause reservations or even doubts about their functionality. That is why we’ve compiled the most common myths about them; come along as we debunk them!

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4 Reasons Why Motorized Shades Are a Great Investment


Convenience is Just the Start

To say that Nevada is a sunny place is an understatement. While letting in natural light into your homes is a boon to well-being and makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, too much of a good thing sometimes isn’t all good.

With the high heat of the desert summer, window coverings are essential to filter sunlight and limit heat gain so HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to cool your home. But we don’t want to live in caves either. What’s the solution? Motorized shades are the ideal way to manage natural light and both harness and limit the power of the sun. And they also have additional advantages you might not have thought about too. Read below to see how motorized shades can benefit your Las Vegas home in four key ways.

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Discover Why Lutron Motorized Shades Are a Cut Above the Rest


Lutron Deftly Blends Function, Form, and Control

In Henderson and the Las Vegas area, managing the sun is a very real issue. The Nevada desert summer is long, and almost 300 days of sunshine a year has an effect on home interiors.

With traditional manual window treatments, you need to manage heat buildup in your home to keep your utility bills within reason when it’s 100 degrees and sunny outside. Motorized shades make that a snap, so you can control the sun and also enjoy the natural light at the right times of the day. Your home can always have the perfect blend of natural and artificial light along with energy efficiency. Motorized shading is one of those things that, once experienced, you never want to go back to whatever came before.

As we speak about managing light, one name stands out: Lutron. The company’s mission is all about managing light for comfort, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and wellness. One of the product pillars that supports that mission is motorized shading. Keep reading below to learn how Lutron motorized shades and window treatments stand out from the pack.

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