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3 Things to Consider When Planning Your Home Theater Design


When considering how to design your home theater, it’s important to remember that it’s about more than simply picking out the biggest screen and the most comfortable seating. Home theater design is really about creating a space in your Henderson, NV home where you can relax and enjoy the latest movies, sports and music. Whether you’re alone or with your family and friends the space should recreate the experience of a commercial theater in your house. Take a look at some of the things you should watch out for when planning your ideal home theater integration project.

Seating is Key

Home theater design is all about getting the most out of your equipment, no matter the size of your space. An often overlooked aspect of planning is actually one of the most important first steps: selecting seating. Do you want a big comfy couch? That may make family time more special, but it won’t serve your theater very well. Want a whole bunch of space between your chairs? The placement will drastically affect your viewing angle and the size of your screen. And those high-backed leather recliners? Those can hamper the effect of your surround sound system and reflect light back at the screen.

You see, what you choose to do with your seating is not just an afterthought – it should be part of the design process from day one!

Your Screen Makes a Big Difference

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