Want to Get More Out of Your Home Theater System?


Video Games Take Full Advantage of the Latest Audio and Video Enhancements

The home theater system in your Las Vegas, NV home is probably a significant investment. The big screen, multi-channel audio, lighting control, seating, and other custom features all add up. More than likely, your home theater gets used for more than movies; it’s a place for epic Netflix binges, watching the Raiders on the big screen, and other favorite entertainment.

Do you wonder if you’re getting the most out of your home theater investment? For example, if you have a 4K HDR projector and a Dolby Atmos surround system with a full complement of speakers, you want to take advantage of these features. Yet, much of the content you might watch may not leverage these enhancements, as some movie and show soundtracks don't do enough with surround sound, and too often video isn't streamed in high-contrast HDR or Dolby Vision. 

But we have a suggestion to remedy that, and it might surprise you – video games. You don't have to be a gamer to appreciate the storylines, incredibly lifelike graphics, and great use of surround sound in today's titles. So keep reading for some suggestions to maximize everything your home theater system can do. 

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5 Ways to Use Lighting Control Scenes for Fun, Efficiency, and Safety


Lighting Control Makes it Easy to Customize Lighting for Any Situation

Often lighting control brings to mind the efficiencies to be gained from turning lights off when not needed as well as only using the amount of light required. But that same level of control that brings efficiency also offers benefits in convenience, luxury, and safety. Using automated lighting scenes is the key to taking advantage of all these benefits with ease.

Keep reading below to see how lighting control can make your Las Vegas, NV home safer, more efficient, and more attractive.

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3 Reasons to Update or Upgrade Your Home Theater System


Enjoying a Cinematic Experience at Home Has Never Been Easier

The pandemic has impacted so many aspects of our lives and certainly profoundly affected tourism and conferences right here in Las Vegas. But, while we're on the road back to normalcy, some of the impacts have endured. One of them is in cinema and film.

During the pandemic, many theaters closed temporarily, resulting in a dearth of new releases. Even now, when theaters have reopened with or without limitations, there haven't been many great reasons to go to the movies.

What does that mean? It's a better time than ever to invest in a home theater system for your Henderson, NV home. The newer immersive video and audio formats, plus the vast array of available content, make it easier than ever to bring the cinema experience home. Keep reading for three reasons why now is the perfect time for a home theater upgrade.

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4 Reasons Why Motorized Shades Are a Great Investment


Convenience is Just the Start

To say that Nevada is a sunny place is an understatement. While letting in natural light into your homes is a boon to well-being and makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, too much of a good thing sometimes isn’t all good.

With the high heat of the desert summer, window coverings are essential to filter sunlight and limit heat gain so HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to cool your home. But we don’t want to live in caves either. What’s the solution? Motorized shades are the ideal way to manage natural light and both harness and limit the power of the sun. And they also have additional advantages you might not have thought about too. Read below to see how motorized shades can benefit your Las Vegas home in four key ways.

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How to Design Your Ideal Outdoor Ambiance with Audio and Lighting


Create the Mood for Every Outdoor Activity

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Las Vegas offers plenty of great weather for outdoor activities. You don’t even have to leave home to take advantage of it. When it’s scorching hot, the pool makes a refreshing respite. And when the sun goes down, relaxing under the Nevada desert nights and sky can be magical.

But you do need a couple of things to set just the right mood outdoors. With an outdoor audio system, everything from relaxing to pool parties gets its own beat. And when the sun recedes, lighting can create the mood for romance or entertainment. Keep reading to see how outdoor lighting and audio set the pace for all your outdoor activities at home.

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Bolster Your Home Networking Speed with Professional Solutions


Make Sure Your Home Network is Keeping Up with Today’s Demands

This past year, the ongoing pandemic brought home just how important home network connectivity is in our daily lives. With so much work, school, and entertainment happening from home, home networks were stretched to the limit and too often not keeping up.

Every modern home needs robust network and internet connectivity; it's a foundational need almost like running water and electricity in the modern world. Whether it's smooth Zoom or WebEx meetings for Momand Dad’s work, kids’ connection to school and e-learning platforms, or unfettered performance for Netflix 4K entertainment, you need a network that can keep up with your busy lives in Henderson, NV. Explore how commercial-grade home networking solutions can keep you and your family fully connected to your online lives. 

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Why Hire a Data Cabling Expert for Your Buildout?


The Right Cabling Plan and Installation Makes it Easy to Implement All Your Technology Needs

With any type of enabling infrastructure, proper planning is essential to ensure you have the capacity and performance to meet your objectives. Data cabling is the infrastructure that forms the foundation for your modern buildings and workplaces. 

The best way to consider your cabling needs for your Las Vegas locations is strategically. Lack of planning for all your technology needs and contingencies is like a hotel on the strip that doesn’t have enough air conditioning capacity in the Nevada desert summer. That building would be a problem – don’t let yours suffer the same fate from poor technology planning. Let’s explore below how thinking about a proper data cabling plan can support your technology and connectivity needs now and in the future. 

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Reimagining Home Automation: A Look at Control4 OS 3


Control4 Makes Smart Home Automation Easy and Fun

Beginning in 2003, Control4 set out on a mission to make managing homes easy. They didn’t build smart home technology to be cool or to help you show off to your friends – it was designed to make your life easier. This guiding principle has led them to continue to evolve their products to be the operating system that runs your smart home. The company not only offers its own smart lighting, shading, audio, and networking solutions, it also works with thousands of other devices, including popular systems like Google Nest and Lutron lighting control.

In 2021, there’s no shortage of smart home devices or platforms for adding intelligence to the home. And Control4 has not stood still. With Control4 OS 3, they have reimagined what home automation should be – simple, intuitive, personalized, and fun. With over 1000 enhancements in OS 3, is Control4 the right solution for your Henderson, NV home? Keep reading to find out!

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Maximize Form and Function with Lutron Architectural Lighting Controls


Elegant Lutron Lighting Controls Elevate Your Projects

As a design professional, you know how light can transform a space. Lighting is a necessity for any activity in a home (except sleeping, of course), and it also adds aesthetic appeal. Smart automation like lighting control systems makes it easy to manage lighting both for form and function.

But as a designer, you think about all the details. And when it comes to lighting, even the lighting controls should satisfy both functionally and aesthetically. Lutron, the industry leader in lighting control solutions, wholeheartedly agrees. With their multiple lines of elegant architectural lighting controls, they help elevate your interior designs in Las Vegas, NV homes. Keep reading below to learn more about two of Lutron’s most stylish lighting control lines.

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Build Your Ultimate Outdoor Sound System with Coastal Source


Enjoy Audio Outside Year-Round

The Nevada desert can sometimes be an inhospitable environment. As we currently head into 100 degree-plus daily highs and occasional summer thunderstorms, it’s not surprising that the Vegas strip offers an incredible array of comfortable interior options that sometimes never have you stepping outside.

But Las Vegas also enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year, and outside of the hottest summer months, offers a pleasant year-round climate. And in summer, dipping in a pool cures many of the ills of heat. Besides a pool, what else can you enjoy outside in your Henderson home? Great music and sound. With the right setup that stands up to the varied elements, you can spend many sunny days outdoors with your favorite soundtrack. Read on to learn how to build your ideal outdoor sound system with Coastal Source audio.

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Discover Why Lutron Motorized Shades Are a Cut Above the Rest


Lutron Deftly Blends Function, Form, and Control

In Henderson and the Las Vegas area, managing the sun is a very real issue. The Nevada desert summer is long, and almost 300 days of sunshine a year has an effect on home interiors.

With traditional manual window treatments, you need to manage heat buildup in your home to keep your utility bills within reason when it’s 100 degrees and sunny outside. Motorized shades make that a snap, so you can control the sun and also enjoy the natural light at the right times of the day. Your home can always have the perfect blend of natural and artificial light along with energy efficiency. Motorized shading is one of those things that, once experienced, you never want to go back to whatever came before.

As we speak about managing light, one name stands out: Lutron. The company’s mission is all about managing light for comfort, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and wellness. One of the product pillars that supports that mission is motorized shading. Keep reading below to learn how Lutron motorized shades and window treatments stand out from the pack.

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A Quick Guide to Sound for Your Home Theater System


Three Big Things that Impact Home Theater Audio Performance

What’s more important, image quality or sound quality? When you’re talking about a home theater, it should be both. When you go to a movie theater, you have a set of expectations; both the visuals and the sound should immerse you in the story. When bringing the cinema experience home, it should be the same – a giant screen with sound that leaves you wanting is an unsatisfying mismatch.

Many factors can affect the audio quality in a home theater, from the room layout, materials, seating, electronics, speakers, and more. We’re going to break those down into three broad areas so you can be better informed as you think about a new or upgraded home theater system for your Henderson, NV home.

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Four Ideas for Envisioning Your New Home Theater Installation


Create a Multipurpose Entertainment Space Beyond Movies

Do you live a formal or informal lifestyle? Las Vegas and Nevada, generally, are places for less formality. Lifestyles here are only bound by your imagination and interests. If you lean to the informal in the way you live and entertain, chances are your home is a reflection of that attitude.

If you are considering a home theater installation for your Las Vegas home, you’re likely to want that space to be more than just a dedicated room for watching movies. And you’d be in the majority, as today’s home theater designs tend to be less formal and more adaptable to multiple uses. Keep reading below to explore four ideas to get the most bang for your entertainment buck from your home theater.

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Amp Up the Outdoor Entertainment with Dynamic Audio


Outdoor Music Makes Everything More Fun Outside

Las Vegas seemingly has two seasons, cold and hot. We’re only kidding; outside of the hot desert summers, the weather is relatively mild and pleasant the rest of the year. And that means you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle at home most times of the year. And the summer? It's perfect for pool time; just add sunscreen. 

With all that time outdoors, you might want to add a piece of outdoor entertainment that makes any time of the year, day or night, more fun – outdoor sound. And we have just the solution for that, whether your musical taste runs to classical or hip-hop.

One of our favorite outdoor audio brands is Coastal Source, as their range of speakers features robust build quality and powerful performance. Read on below to learn more on amping up your outdoor spaces with Coastal Source. 

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Do You Need a Professional for Your Home Audio-video Installation?


How Much Do You Enjoy Pulling Wire Through Walls?

Some people are diehard do-it-yourselfers. There's nothing they can't do with a few things from Amazon or a trip to Home Depot. Install a whole-home audio system? No problem. Start those holes in the drywall now. 

You may not be a DIYer of this magnitude, but you may do some things yourself. You may not need a professional to mount your new 65-inch OLED TV. You might not need help figuring out the programming for an intelligent remote control. 

On the other hand, some audio-visual installation projects can get complicated. And while you could do them given enough time, patience, and newly acquired YouTube skills, you have better things to do. Some AV projects are better left to professionals, and you'll enjoy the finished product in your Las Vegas, NV home without the headaches and sweating. Here are three projects which we think are better left to people that do them every day. 

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4 Critical Considerations for Your Dream Home Theater Installation


Bring the Theater Home By Getting the Important Things Right

With so many of us having spent most of our time at home this past year, home entertainment systems have taken on a special focus. All those movies, Netflix binges, and other video entertainment make you think about how to get the best entertainment experience at home. Add the fact that many theaters have been forced to close or operate at reduced capacities, and first-run theater blockbusters are coming to the home almost simultaneously, and it makes complete sense to bring the cinema experience home.

But a great home theater installation for your Henderson, NV home is more than a big screen and a sound system. A myriad of details go into planning, designing, and installing a home theater. We’re going to cover four broad areas below which you should consider for your next home theater. Please keep reading!

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The Top 4 Reasons You Want a Lutron Lighting Control System


Lutron Lighting is Much More than Fancier Switches

Lighting control is one of the most sought-after smart home capabilities by Las Vegas homeowners. We would venture to say two main reasons are the drivers. One is that lighting control conjures the image of saving energy, and that would certainly be correct. The other might be control convenience, or new ways to control lights.

Remember the commercials for the Clapper, the lighting control switch activated by clapping? Now forget the Clapper, as lighting control is far more sophisticated than that, especially when it comes to Lutron lighting control, the industry pioneer in managing and controlling light. As your local Las Vegas, NV Lutron dealer, we’d like to give you a few other reasons why Lutron lighting control is a great investment for your home.

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Control4’s New Chime Doorbell Is the Intelligent Front Door Sentry


This is the Video Doorbell For the Integrated Smart Home

Video doorbells are one of the most popular products in smart home devices. Even people who care little about intelligent devices and automation like the feeling of security they can impart. From porch pirates to unwanted solicitations, video doorbells make it easier to see and react to what's going on outside your door.

Many video doorbells are available for DIY solutions and professionally installed smart home systems, so it may be hard to choose. While many of these connected doorbells can do a good job, none can harness the power of Control4's powerful OS 3 smart home system like the new Chime. Fusion Home Systems, your local Henderson and Nevada Control4 dealer, is excited about all the smart security features Chime can bring to your home. Let’s explore more about Chime below. 

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Three Ways that Crestron Continues to Stay at the Forefront of Home Automation


The Original Name in Smart Homes Keeps Apace with New Features and Reliability 

Crestron is one of the pioneers in not only home automation but commercial automation as well. Crestron control systems and solutions are found in the largest, most complex homes as well as Fortune 500 boardrooms.

As just about everyone knows, there is no shortage of devices or solutions for home control and automation, both in DIY consumer and professionally installed varieties. Crestron has faced this newer competition with strict quality control, meticulous engineering, and scalability to handle the automation requirements of the largest properties.

As a proud Crestron dealer in the Las Vegas area and other environs in Nevada, we have significant experience with Crestron and its many capabilities. Keep reading below to see how Crestron continues to advance the state-of-the-art in home automation solutions. 

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How to Future-Proof Your Offices with Structured Data Cabling


Be Ready for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Communication Technology with the Right Infrastructure

Is it a wireless world? You might think so, with the rollout of 5G and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi almost anywhere to tether our many wireless devices to the internet. However, all that wireless capability highly depends on wired infrastructure. Wiring and cabling is still a vital underpinning for business communication, whether it’s for networking, video-conferencing, sound systems, microphones, business telephones, projectors, displays, digital signage, and much more.

A well-designed and architected data cabling installation is critical to supporting your operations. With just about every type of communication converging on digital formats, you should have a solution that will grow with your Henderson, NV operation.

Keep reading below to learn how a data cabling solution can meet your business’s needs now and in the future.

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