Three Ways to Celebrate the Hot Summer Season with Outdoor Sound


Add Music to Your Fun in the Sun (or Shade)

Las Vegas gets more than its fair share of sunshine, and that’s part of the attraction of living in the Nevada desert. As temperatures climb into the 100s during the day into the summer, do Nevadans disappear inside? No, they know how to enjoy it with the right outdoor amenities. 

Whether it’s enjoying the pool to cool off in the heat of the day or relaxing in the shade in the morning, there’s always a way to blissfully bask in the outdoors. But there’s one thing that could make it better: sound. Whether you want to drown out ambient noise with sounds of nature or listen to your favorite playlist, an outdoor sound system lets you make the most of your outdoor experiences. Keep reading below for three of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors with a soundtrack. 

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Build Your Ultimate Outdoor Sound System with Coastal Source


Enjoy Audio Outside Year-Round

The Nevada desert can sometimes be an inhospitable environment. As we currently head into 100 degree-plus daily highs and occasional summer thunderstorms, it’s not surprising that the Vegas strip offers an incredible array of comfortable interior options that sometimes never have you stepping outside.

But Las Vegas also enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year, and outside of the hottest summer months, offers a pleasant year-round climate. And in summer, dipping in a pool cures many of the ills of heat. Besides a pool, what else can you enjoy outside in your Henderson home? Great music and sound. With the right setup that stands up to the varied elements, you can spend many sunny days outdoors with your favorite soundtrack. Read on to learn how to build your ideal outdoor sound system with Coastal Source audio.

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