4 Reasons Why Motorized Shades Are a Great Investment


Convenience is Just the Start

To say that Nevada is a sunny place is an understatement. While letting in natural light into your homes is a boon to well-being and makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, too much of a good thing sometimes isn’t all good.

With the high heat of the desert summer, window coverings are essential to filter sunlight and limit heat gain so HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to cool your home. But we don’t want to live in caves either. What’s the solution? Motorized shades are the ideal way to manage natural light and both harness and limit the power of the sun. And they also have additional advantages you might not have thought about too. Read below to see how motorized shades can benefit your Las Vegas home in four key ways.

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Reimagining Home Automation: A Look at Control4 OS 3


Control4 Makes Smart Home Automation Easy and Fun

Beginning in 2003, Control4 set out on a mission to make managing homes easy. They didn’t build smart home technology to be cool or to help you show off to your friends – it was designed to make your life easier. This guiding principle has led them to continue to evolve their products to be the operating system that runs your smart home. The company not only offers its own smart lighting, shading, audio, and networking solutions, it also works with thousands of other devices, including popular systems like Google Nest and Lutron lighting control.

In 2021, there’s no shortage of smart home devices or platforms for adding intelligence to the home. And Control4 has not stood still. With Control4 OS 3, they have reimagined what home automation should be – simple, intuitive, personalized, and fun. With over 1000 enhancements in OS 3, is Control4 the right solution for your Henderson, NV home? Keep reading to find out!

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Discover Why Lutron Motorized Shades Are a Cut Above the Rest


Lutron Deftly Blends Function, Form, and Control

In Henderson and the Las Vegas area, managing the sun is a very real issue. The Nevada desert summer is long, and almost 300 days of sunshine a year has an effect on home interiors.

With traditional manual window treatments, you need to manage heat buildup in your home to keep your utility bills within reason when it’s 100 degrees and sunny outside. Motorized shades make that a snap, so you can control the sun and also enjoy the natural light at the right times of the day. Your home can always have the perfect blend of natural and artificial light along with energy efficiency. Motorized shading is one of those things that, once experienced, you never want to go back to whatever came before.

As we speak about managing light, one name stands out: Lutron. The company’s mission is all about managing light for comfort, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and wellness. One of the product pillars that supports that mission is motorized shading. Keep reading below to learn how Lutron motorized shades and window treatments stand out from the pack.

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The Top 4 Reasons You Want a Lutron Lighting Control System


Lutron Lighting is Much More than Fancier Switches

Lighting control is one of the most sought-after smart home capabilities by Las Vegas homeowners. We would venture to say two main reasons are the drivers. One is that lighting control conjures the image of saving energy, and that would certainly be correct. The other might be control convenience, or new ways to control lights.

Remember the commercials for the Clapper, the lighting control switch activated by clapping? Now forget the Clapper, as lighting control is far more sophisticated than that, especially when it comes to Lutron lighting control, the industry pioneer in managing and controlling light. As your local Las Vegas, NV Lutron dealer, we’d like to give you a few other reasons why Lutron lighting control is a great investment for your home.

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Three Ways that Crestron Continues to Stay at the Forefront of Home Automation


The Original Name in Smart Homes Keeps Apace with New Features and Reliability 

Crestron is one of the pioneers in not only home automation but commercial automation as well. Crestron control systems and solutions are found in the largest, most complex homes as well as Fortune 500 boardrooms.

As just about everyone knows, there is no shortage of devices or solutions for home control and automation, both in DIY consumer and professionally installed varieties. Crestron has faced this newer competition with strict quality control, meticulous engineering, and scalability to handle the automation requirements of the largest properties.

As a proud Crestron dealer in the Las Vegas area and other environs in Nevada, we have significant experience with Crestron and its many capabilities. Keep reading below to see how Crestron continues to advance the state-of-the-art in home automation solutions. 

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How Control4 Lets You Manage Your Home Your Way


From Buttons to Voice Commands, Control4 Gives You the Power of Choice

We are all unique and like to do things our way. Some of us write shopping lists on paper; others go digital on their smartphone. Some like a regular alarm clock with a big snooze button for waking up and some set an alarm with their Amazon Echo speaker.

We all interact with technology in different ways, and some of us are quite passionate about our preferences. When it comes to home automation, it tends to be the same. Some of us like buttons and switches, some of us prefer touchscreens. Can we all have it our way? With Control4 smart home automation, the answer is an emphatic yes. One of the reasons Fusion Home Systems is a  Control4 dealer is to give our Las Vegas, NV, customers the power to have a smart home their way. 

Read on to see how Control4 puts you in control.

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3 Ways a Smart Home Can Change Your Life


Most things around you are pretty intelligent. Your phone is smart. Your kids are smart. Why not your home? Transform your Henderson, Nevada house with smart home control so that life becomes more convenient, safe and almost worry-free. In this edition of our blog we’ll cover three ways a smart home can keep you and your family safe, add convenience, and save you time.

No More Fumbling with Keys

Doors sitting on hinges aren’t all the clever, but there’s something we can do to change that. Wireless door locks add incredible convenience to your home and when integrated with a Crestron® control system, allow doors to be locked and unlocked from any touch screen in the house or remotely using your smart phone. No more leaving keys under door mats or waiting around for service providers because with a simple tap of a button you can lock or unlock doors to let people into your home.

Turn Dumb Devices into Smart Ones

A smart home puts you in control like the conductor of an orchestra so that various devices work together to perform a symphony. By teaching your connected objects to work together, your smart home can automatically react to your routines and preferences. Automate lights to turn on as you move throughout your house, trigger the coffee maker to start brewing the moment you wake up, and start your day off on the right foot.

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