Bolster Your Home Networking Speed with Professional Solutions


Make Sure Your Home Network is Keeping Up with Today’s Demands

This past year, the ongoing pandemic brought home just how important home network connectivity is in our daily lives. With so much work, school, and entertainment happening from home, home networks were stretched to the limit and too often not keeping up.

Every modern home needs robust network and internet connectivity; it's a foundational need almost like running water and electricity in the modern world. Whether it's smooth Zoom or WebEx meetings for Momand Dad’s work, kids’ connection to school and e-learning platforms, or unfettered performance for Netflix 4K entertainment, you need a network that can keep up with your busy lives in Henderson, NV. Explore how commercial-grade home networking solutions can keep you and your family fully connected to your online lives. 

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Why Hire a Data Cabling Expert for Your Buildout?


The Right Cabling Plan and Installation Makes it Easy to Implement All Your Technology Needs

With any type of enabling infrastructure, proper planning is essential to ensure you have the capacity and performance to meet your objectives. Data cabling is the infrastructure that forms the foundation for your modern buildings and workplaces. 

The best way to consider your cabling needs for your Las Vegas locations is strategically. Lack of planning for all your technology needs and contingencies is like a hotel on the strip that doesn’t have enough air conditioning capacity in the Nevada desert summer. That building would be a problem – don’t let yours suffer the same fate from poor technology planning. Let’s explore below how thinking about a proper data cabling plan can support your technology and connectivity needs now and in the future. 

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Reimagining Home Automation: A Look at Control4 OS 3


Control4 Makes Smart Home Automation Easy and Fun

Beginning in 2003, Control4 set out on a mission to make managing homes easy. They didn’t build smart home technology to be cool or to help you show off to your friends – it was designed to make your life easier. This guiding principle has led them to continue to evolve their products to be the operating system that runs your smart home. The company not only offers its own smart lighting, shading, audio, and networking solutions, it also works with thousands of other devices, including popular systems like Google Nest and Lutron lighting control.

In 2021, there’s no shortage of smart home devices or platforms for adding intelligence to the home. And Control4 has not stood still. With Control4 OS 3, they have reimagined what home automation should be – simple, intuitive, personalized, and fun. With over 1000 enhancements in OS 3, is Control4 the right solution for your Henderson, NV home? Keep reading to find out!

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Maximize Form and Function with Lutron Architectural Lighting Controls


Elegant Lutron Lighting Controls Elevate Your Projects

As a design professional, you know how light can transform a space. Lighting is a necessity for any activity in a home (except sleeping, of course), and it also adds aesthetic appeal. Smart automation like lighting control systems makes it easy to manage lighting both for form and function.

But as a designer, you think about all the details. And when it comes to lighting, even the lighting controls should satisfy both functionally and aesthetically. Lutron, the industry leader in lighting control solutions, wholeheartedly agrees. With their multiple lines of elegant architectural lighting controls, they help elevate your interior designs in Las Vegas, NV homes. Keep reading below to learn more about two of Lutron’s most stylish lighting control lines.

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