Control4’s New Chime Doorbell Is the Intelligent Front Door Sentry


This is the Video Doorbell For the Integrated Smart Home

Video doorbells are one of the most popular products in smart home devices. Even people who care little about intelligent devices and automation like the feeling of security they can impart. From porch pirates to unwanted solicitations, video doorbells make it easier to see and react to what's going on outside your door.

Many video doorbells are available for DIY solutions and professionally installed smart home systems, so it may be hard to choose. While many of these connected doorbells can do a good job, none can harness the power of Control4's powerful OS 3 smart home system like the new Chime. Fusion Home Systems, your local Henderson and Nevada Control4 dealer, is excited about all the smart security features Chime can bring to your home. Let’s explore more about Chime below. 

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Three Ways that Crestron Continues to Stay at the Forefront of Home Automation


The Original Name in Smart Homes Keeps Apace with New Features and Reliability 

Crestron is one of the pioneers in not only home automation but commercial automation as well. Crestron control systems and solutions are found in the largest, most complex homes as well as Fortune 500 boardrooms.

As just about everyone knows, there is no shortage of devices or solutions for home control and automation, both in DIY consumer and professionally installed varieties. Crestron has faced this newer competition with strict quality control, meticulous engineering, and scalability to handle the automation requirements of the largest properties.

As a proud Crestron dealer in the Las Vegas area and other environs in Nevada, we have significant experience with Crestron and its many capabilities. Keep reading below to see how Crestron continues to advance the state-of-the-art in home automation solutions. 

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How to Future-Proof Your Offices with Structured Data Cabling


Be Ready for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Communication Technology with the Right Infrastructure

Is it a wireless world? You might think so, with the rollout of 5G and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi almost anywhere to tether our many wireless devices to the internet. However, all that wireless capability highly depends on wired infrastructure. Wiring and cabling is still a vital underpinning for business communication, whether it’s for networking, video-conferencing, sound systems, microphones, business telephones, projectors, displays, digital signage, and much more.

A well-designed and architected data cabling installation is critical to supporting your operations. With just about every type of communication converging on digital formats, you should have a solution that will grow with your Henderson, NV operation.

Keep reading below to learn how a data cabling solution can meet your business’s needs now and in the future.

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Boost Collaboration With a State-of-the-Art Meeting Room Installation


Heighten Team Productivity with Modern AV, Lighting, and Control

How many times have you attended a meeting and experienced one or more of these situations?

  • A presenter is fumbling to figure out how to get the presentation projected on the conference room display.
  • The lights are too bright for a presentation or dim enough to put everyone to sleep.
  • The Nevada desert sun is streaming in through a window, with no easy way to moderate it.
  • You are holding a conference call with another group and are constantly asking them to repeat what they said.
  • The conference room air conditioning is too cold, or it’s too hot. The thermostat is nowhere in sight.

Meetings are a significant investment in time. Conference room technology that wastes time costs your organization real money and lost productivity. Modernize your Las Vegas meeting room installations by investing in the latest technology for collaboration, communication, and increased comfort and energy efficiency. See how below!

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