Save Money, Energy, and the Environment with Motorized Shades


Going Green Has Never Been This Luxurious

Are motorized shades convenient? Absolutely. Barely lifting a finger to control powered shades and window treatments beats walking around and painstakingly adjusting them all manually more than once a day. Are they a luxury? Surely, when it’s this easy and convenient. Are they stylish? They are just as stylish as manual shades, even more so when you do away with cords and pulls.

Now that we know motorized shades are convenient, stylish, and luxurious, here’s the part that will not make you feel guilty about this wonderful luxury - they save energy! In Henderson – like just about everywhere in Nevada – the sun shines brightly most of the year, often fiercely. Let's explore how motorized shades help you live "greener" below.

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Upgrade Your Home Network Installation with Higher Speed and Capacity


The Next Generation of Wi-Fi Ushers in a New Level of Performance

Wi-Fi is now a common term that denotes wireless access to the internet. It's always interesting to look back and see how quickly new technology takes hold, becomes part of the lexicon, and is something that's just expected. At home, everyone wants and needs Wi-Fi to connect their laptop, phone, tablet, or other devices. The work and school disruptions caused by the pandemic in the past two years showed just how critical internet connectivity is to modern daily life.

Like any computing technology, networking technology does not stand still. You've likely heard of 5G and how it will change mobile connectivity in the mobile world. On the local networking front, a new wireless networking standard dubbed Wi-Fi 6 also promises sharply increased performance for connected devices. Should you upgrade your home network installation in Henderson, NV? Read more to find out what Wi-Fi 6 can offer.

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How to Use Video Walls for Engagement, Communication, and Collaboration


Video Walls Offer a Canvas for New Applications

With the CES show just concluded in Las Vegas, it likely was hard to miss a video wall. All over the LV Convention Center, the Sands, and many of the Strip’s hotels, video walls prominently promoted company exhibits and brought a message to life. CES notwithstanding, video walls are also nothing new on the Las Vegas Strip. 

But video walls are not just for showy applications. With major technology advances – and cost reduction – in flat-panel technologies like LED, high resolution and color vibrancy, and interactive touch capabilities, video walls are cost-effective tools to increase engagement, collaboration, communication, and productivity. Read on below for three exciting ways to use video walls in your organization.

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Tap Into the Latest Home Theater System Trends for 2022


Make Your Home Theater a Complete Entertainment Venue

There’s no denying that a home theater is a great investment in family entertainment. There’s nothing like enjoying a film in an immersive environment with a giant, vibrant screen and sound that you hear and feel. But home theaters don’t have to be a replica of commercial movie houses. 

Home theater design has evolved to encompass a variety of entertainment purposes. In the last several years, one trend on the rise has been gaming on home theater systems. The new consoles from Microsoft and Sony take full advantage of the latest formats in video and sound for an experience that often surpasses the best movies. With the incredible variety of content available to watch and hear, the home theater can be the nexus of entertainment in your Las Vegas, NV home. Read on below to learn about the latest home theater trends to turn any space into your audio-video entertainment hub.

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