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Smart automation can enhance just about every aspect of your home, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night – and every hour in between. But just because it does so much, that doesn’t mean smart home control has to be complicated and unwieldy. A strong control system from the experts at Crestron is exactly what you’ll need to make staying in command of everything your home has to offer. Whether you are hoping to keep your family safe, want endless hours of entertainment or simply want to stay comfortable and energy efficient, Crestron has the solution for your home. Read on to find out how smart control can take your home to the next level.

Enhance Security and Entertainment

It’s no secret that most homeowners come to smart automation for two reasons: to increase their home’s security, or to enhance their home entertainment. And while smart home control allows you to do so much more, there’s no denying that these are two of the most fun.

A surveillance system that streams 4K video directly to you in real time can help you keep track of everything going on around your property at any given time. Add to that some motion-sensing outdoor lights and you’ll stay in-the-know anytime, day and night. Such additions will help you and your family feel safer and more secure than ever before.

And there’s no better way to while away the day than in your own dedicated home theater. Imagine being able to turn off the overhead lights, lower the screen and projector from the ceiling and play your favorite summer blockbuster in 4K resolution with 8-channel, in-wall surround sound. Now imagine doing all of that with just one button. With smart home control by Crestron, total command is at your fingertips.

Integrate Controls with a Strong Network

But of course, you’ll want to control more of your home than just the entertainment and security. Everything from the lighting and shading to the climate and music in each room is just a click away. In order for all of these features to work together, they’ll need to talk to each other. That’s why you’ll need a strong Crestron network that will allow every component of your home to be controlled together and apart.

Plus, you’ll likely want to integrate your controls. With Crestron, the user interface is intuitive and simple to use, so there’s no need to cycle in and out of disparate apps to control different devices. Smart home control integration is a worthwhile step that will make all of the complex gear fast, fun and easy to use.

Keep Track from Anywhere with a Tablet or Smartphone

With all of this talk of smart home control, you might think that you’ll be bogged down by extra remotes in your home. And while Crestron does offer both hand-held and wall-mounted remote options, there’s also the Crestron app, which allows you to control everything from your smartphone or tablet. That means that whether you are on the couch or at the office, you’ll be able to keep track of your surveillance system, make sure your doors are locked, adjust the thermostat and turn the lights on and off – without any additional equipment.

Are you ready to gain control of your Las Vegas, NV smart home with Crestron? Contact us to get started on your home automation project today!

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